Environment and equipments

The Jinjing Building (building no. 1) with an area of nearly 80,000 m2 completed and put into use in 2013 is a blend of classical style of the East and modern style of the West featuring Proper layout, broad space and warm color.

Three medical building complexes are constructed in well-arranged manner and decorated with flowers and trees on the roof, the external walls and in the yards.

A spacious culture square and a subway entrance are set in front to provide comfortable medical environment and easy access to the hospital.

The hospital was awarded first prize of national excellent project survey and design for its buildings.

Moreover, a myriad of world advanced instruments have been lately purchased from Germany, America, Japan and Netherlands to position the hospital in the leading place in Foshan City. PET-CT, double-source CT, 3.0TMRI and Non-invasive heart and vessel omnibearing imaging equipped at the Medical Imaging Center are first-rate technologies to render convenient and comfortable examinations.