To Build A Global Health Care Center

About Foshan Chancheng Central Hospital

Founded in 1958 and located in Chancheng District, central area of Foshan City, the third largest city in Guangdong Province in the central region of Pearl River Delta, Foshan Chancheng Central Hospital (Here in after to as FCCH) is is a large national Class-A Grade-3 (top level in China) general hospital with healthcare, rehabilitation, scientific research and teaching functions. It has been accredited by JCI and certified as a Five-Star hospital in China, ranking top in terms of competitiveness of non-public hospitals in China. It is also a hospital under the “Pinnacle Plan” of Foshan City, a national drug clinical trial institution (GCP), Non-directly Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Medical University, Foshan Clinical Medical College of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, Foshan Clinical Medicine Research Center of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, Training Base of Postgraduates of Ji’nan University, Doctoral working station in Guangdong, Enterprise postdoctoral working station, Bethune Advanced Unit in Guangdong, national demonstration unit of traditional Chinese medicine and demonstration unit of healthcare improvement action plan of National Health Commission (for three consecutive years from 2016 to 2018), ranking the third among the large general hospitals with the highest public satisfaction in Guangdong. Its core value of “Honest, Benevolent, Enterprising and Excellent” and service philosophy of “centering on people, treating patients as family, taking virtues as first and pursuing excellence” are widely recognized by the public.

With more than 60 years’ experience in healthcare,the hospital has authorized capacity of more than 1,200 beds and receives up to 2.6 million person/time every year in outpatient and emergency services and more than 60,000 person/time every year in inpatient service. The hospital now has more than 2,000 employees, including over more than 600 with medium and senior professional titles, and over 140 with master’s and doctor’s degrees.

After 60 years’ development, the hospital has now a good brand image and influence with respect to size, environment, equipment & facilities and technologies & services.

What is IHCU

The full name of IHCU is International Health Care Unit. Obviously, The establishment of the program aims to create a barrier-free environment for foreigners seeing a doctor in Foshan Chancheng Central Hospital.

To build a global health care centered, the best foreign patient based Medical Service, world-class medical service in china by 2023.

a) To integrate world-class medical resources & advanced technology to build a one-stop, foreign patient-oriented Health management platform.
b) To promote global collaboration and Internet hospital system, leading to the best Digital Health management platform and Globally Renowned Health Care Group in China.

Development strategy

In 2013, the hospital jointed Fosun Group strategically to start a brand new development path with the new goal of building a famous hospital in China and gearing to the international market in the context of new concepts and demands of global healthcare service.

FCCH is on its journey to create a modern scientifically managed hospital according to the guidance documents issued by Guangdong Province; start the construction of a specialty platform under the Pinnacle Plan and build FCCH Medical Group by acquisition and trusteeship of hospitals and the outpatient department; build FCCH international brand via integration of resources of famous international hospitals and doctors; interface with the insurance service of Fosun Group to enable integrated operation of “medical care, insurance and health management”; Create a smart hospital via “Internet + AI + Hospital” to expand service radius and finally achieve the strategic goal of “health, group, pension, GBA and globalization” to offer high-quality medical services and health care for people from all walks of life.